About Us

We began in 1900 as A Webb & Co buying cottons from Egypt and now import the finest grey cloth from all over the world, in particular Asia, South America and Africa

Grey cloth processing in Europe is a specialist activity these days with much manufacturing having moved east. At the peak we would buy 150 million metres a year and we gained unrivalled expertise in sourcing high grade competitively priced product from reliable partners. Our long standing relationships with our suppliers ensure we have priority access to products and production capacity.

Our markets are predominantly UK & EU. We deliver our products to wherever they are needed by the customer. We have unparalleled experience importing from manufacturers from around the globe and have decades of contacts in all the main textile producing countries.

We use the most prestigious and reliable suppliers to fulfil our customer requirements on a stock and forward order basis.

Our quality control staff monitor all aspects of production.

Based in Manchester, our dedicated team are focused on making sure our customers achieve a competitive price, with no compromise on quality.






Our Service

Why M&N?

These days sourcing can be done at a click of a mouse direct with a mill in the Far East. So why do buyers including the biggest in the industry, still prefer to source through us?

With a dedicated team of experienced personnel, incorporating Technical, Finishing and Weaving Specialists, M&N are well prepared to cater for the individual needs of our customers.

Fast / Speed

  • Stockists of a wide range of fabricsĀ at key locations within the EU for immediate delivery
  • We can source fabrics to your specification, hold and deliver them as required
  • We have capacity held with our factories saving valuable lead time on forward orders


  • We source all over the world and know which markets provide the most competitively priced product for the requirement
  • We are buying all the time and follow trends carefully so we are able to time our purchases for maximum advantage


We visit our suppliers regularly in order to continually assess their systems and to ensure high quality production standards for our customers; Who work closely with our QC staff and/or agents


We will deal with all aspects of transport, customs and storage


We save you valuable working capital. Imports require financing and we will sell on terms subject to status